Taybotech has won 【Jinshan District Scientific and Technology Talents Support Project of 2019】 and District Chief Hu Weiguo Visit Taybotech Corporation


        According to The Strategy of Further Strengthening the Construction of Talents and Promoting District by attracting more Talents and Accelerating High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Important Talented Personnel Introduction in Jinshan District, which started on August 1, 2018, has lasted more than three months and ended on November 20th, 2018,on which determined that the name list of enterprises, teams and individuals will be supported by the scientific and Technology Talents Support Project in 2019. 

        According to relevant requirements, Taybotech passed the procedure from project  application, experts assessment, government functional department consultation and social publicity. On Nov 20th 2018, it is announced, as a project supported by Jinshan Scientific and Technology Talents Support Project of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talented Team in 2019.

        A few days later, on November 23, 2018, Taybotech welcomed Jinshan district Chief Mr Hu Weiguo, Deputy Chief Mr Zhang Quanquan, Economic Commission, Director Mr Wang Mingfa, deputy director of Jinshan District Government Office Mr Cao Xianfeng, visit our company to communicate and guide private enterprises in overcoming difficulties.




        Accompanied by CEO Mr Taolin, CTO Mr WS Park, Technical Director Mr BK Kim and the managers of each departments,Mr Hu Weiguo and other leaders visited and learned about the laboratory of R&D Center and the production line of car air conditioner and vehicle-parki air conditioner.



        During the visit, Mr Hu Weiguo personally experienced the comfort of air conditioner developed by Taybotech for new energy vehicles, and expressed great affirmation and expectation for the future market of Taybotech.




        After the visit, Mr Hu Weiguo offers his condolences and concern to the employees of Taybotech, especially to the life and work of the R&D team led by internationalized talents team. He encourages and affirms Taybotech’s R&D investment and talent introduction. It also expresses its support for the future development of Taybotech and expects that Taybotech will get better achievement in the field of automotive air conditioner.

        Additionally , Mr Hu Weiguo and other leaders also held face-to-face exchanges with business leaders, at which Hu conveyed the spirit of the Mining Enterprise Conversation to enterprises.

        Fully affirmed the importance and role of China's private economy;

        We should correctly understand the difficulties and problems in current;

        Strongly Support the Development and Growth of Private Enterprises.

        Moreover ,on the one hand Mr Hu also told private enterprises to strengthen their confidence in development, on the other hand, they should keep up with the times, change with the trend, and seek development from change.

        Meanwhile,Mr Hu Weiguo also asked the government functional department to do a good job in serving enterprises, timely convey the policies of the Party and the State, and grasp the demands of enterprises and help them solve practical problems.

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