Listing in the New Three Board

Taybo (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (security abbreviation: Taybo Technology, security code: 872418) had a listing ceremony in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations on January 4th 2018. Mr. Tao Lin, CEO (third from left), Mr. Xie Hong, COO (fourth from left), Mr. Piao Yuzhi, CTO (first from left) and Ms. Ma Li, CFO of Taybo Technology attended the ceremony, as well as the representatives of accounting firms and law firms. 




Taybo (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of vehicle air conditioning and thermal management system technology, automotive air conditioning energy-saving system technology, automotive air conditioning control system technology and related products. Presently, it mainly provides reliable energy-saving and environment friendly air-conditioning products, system solutions and comprehensive services for construction machinery vehicles, agricultural machinery vehicles and other vehicles. The company adopts the concept of lean management, and is committed to becoming a global professional supplier of energy-saving and environment friendly vehicle air conditioning. 



Zhongxingcai Guanghua Certified Public Accountants LLP served as the financial audit for the listing of Taybo Technology and Beijing Jincheng Tongda & Neal (Shanghai) Law Firm served as the legal consultant. 

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