2017 China- CEEC SMEs Matchmaking Event

The Seventh China-CEEC Business Forum opened in Budapest, Hungary on November 27th 2017 local time. China- CEEC SMEs Matchmaking Event was held on the same day and Premier Li Keqiang was present. Taybo Technology was invited to the matchmaking event by the Bank of China. 




Premier Li Keqiang attended the forum and addressed that China and the Central and Eastern European countries are located at both ends of the Eurasian continent, but we have a firm relationship although far apart.  "16+1" cooperation, which is jointly launched by China and CEE countries, is a pioneering endeavor of China-Europe friendly cooperation, with broad prospects for development. "16+1" cooperation has been a business-led, government-supported and market-driven process and followed commercial principles and internationally accepted rules. This has helped us to reap win-win outcomes. "16+1" cooperation has been an important component of and beneficial complement to the overall China-Europe relationship and contributed to the more even development of China-Europe relations.


He also stressed that we need to forge greater synergy between the Belt and Road Initiative and the development strategies of CEE countries. In line with the principle of achieving shared growth through consultation and collaboration, we should work with CEE countries to make the CEE region an early beneficiary of the outcomes of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. We need to speed up the building of the Budapest-Belgrade railway and other connectivity projects, work for the sound development of freight train services, expand international industrial capacity cooperation, and jointly build a number of economic and trade cooperation zones, with a view to developing better integrated chains of industry, of value and of logistics with stronger impetus and broader benefits.


He further pointed out that we need to enhance cooperation among SMEs and Hence enterprises of all sizes will be able to forge synergy and grow together. We will set up more cooperation mechanisms and service platforms, and promote the early establishment of a "16+1" SMEs Center to help SMEs to trade with each other and identify cooperation projects. After the address, Premier Li Keqiang was present with Orban at the scene of “16+1” 2017 China- CEEC SMEs Matchmaking Event and visited the results of the matchmaking event and exchanged cordially with entrepreneurs.


On the“16+1” 2017 China- CEEC SMEs Matchmaking Event, Taybo Technology had full exchanges with enterprises from Central and Eastern European countries, signed a memorandum of understanding, and reached the intention of further technical cooperation. Mr. Tao Lin, CEO of the company, also said that the matchmaking event provided us with an opportunity for full mutual understanding and helped to find a more promising platform for cooperation, and Taybo Technology took an important and solid step to go abroad!

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