Two new products of Taybotech: Vehicle Top mounted ultra thin heat pump integrated cooling and heating air conditioner


 The 17th Shanghai international automobile air conditioning and refrigeration technology exhibition was held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from November 13th to November 15th. With its main products, new energy automobile heat pump air conditioning system, truck parking air conditioning, engineering machinery air conditioning and other automobile air conditioning equipment and production materials, tibp technology appeared in the exhibition [booth No.: 3f3a31], and launched two truck parking models New car air conditioner, this new product release is a major technological breakthrough in the industry.image.pngimage.png

One:Vehicle Top installed truck parking air conditioner PC2700S

Highlight: Heat pump technology is used for heating, environmental protection, power saving and energy saving, with standby time up to 8 hours.


Currently,the common parking air conditioner on the market is refrigeration air conditioner, which does not have heating function. The integrated cooling and heating parking air conditioner is relatively rare, and the listed integrated cooling and heating parking air conditioner mostly uses PTC electric heater ,which is a kind of heater using PTC thermistor element as the heat source. Generally speaking, by converting electric energy into heat energy, the heating will consume a lot of electricity at the same time.

Differing from PTC heating technology, Taybotech’s PC2700s is a truck parking air conditioner with integrated cooling and heating function, which combines heat pump technology with refrigeration technology to form a function of integrated cooling and heating. "Pump" as we know, is a common pump, the biggest feature of the pump is "can send water from low to high". And the concept of "heat pump" is that the heat pump system can move the heat from the place with low temperature to the place with high temperature, without power consumption, the biggest advantage is energy saving.image.png

Taybotech began to research the new energy vehicle heat pump air conditioning system from 2012. Taybotech officially obtained the qualification of the supplier of the new energy main engine plant for passenger vehicles and had the capacity of mass production in 2018. Due to the accumulation of many years of experience in heat pump air conditioning technology research and development, Taybotech has become the first domestic enterprise of research and develop the parking air conditioning system with integrated cooling and heating heat pumps.

Two:Vehicle Top installed ultra thin truck parking air conditioner PC4000

Highlight: simple appearance, height breakthrough in the lowest range in the market.image.png

Taybotech has won praise from customers in the front and rear loading markets since the first launch of the first parking air conditioner in 2018, However, Taybotech has not been complacent in the past achievements, but has listened to the feedback from the market, the voice of customers, the starting point and foothold of market-oriented and customer demand first. By efforts, Taybotech has invested a lot of human and financial resources, and finally broke through the general standard height of the parking air conditioner. It is understood that the height of parking air conditioner on the market is in the range of 16cm-25cm. The PC4000 parking air conditioner released this time is even lower than the lowest value in the range. It is the thinnest ultra-thin parking air conditioning system in China at the vehicle specification level.image.png

As soon as the above two new parking air conditioning products were released at the exhibition, they attracted the attention of many industry experts, peers and professional visitors. A large number of people came to visit,  know and negotiate.The atmosphere of exhibition was extremely hot.image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png

Taybotech has a variety of functions and models of parking air conditioning products, including dual system super large cooling capacity (2800W) parking air conditioning, single system super long standby comfortable parking air conditioning, and today's first launched ultra-thin parking air conditioning, heat pump cooling and heating integrated parking air conditioning, in response to the changing market, to meet the market demand.image.png

These are the embodiment of Taybotech expertise and strength. They all benefit from its intensive work in the field of automotive air conditioning in the past decade, as well as the unremitting efforts of all Taybotech people. In the future, Taybotech will continue to explore new technologies and provide customers with high-quality air conditioning products and integrated solutions.image.png

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