China International Industrial Exposition, Taybotech is coming again


The 21st China International Industrial Expo, themed with "intelligence, interconnection - new development of enabling industries", was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 17th to 21th, 2019. The Expo lasts for 5 days.image.png

In the 7.2H-A120 exhibition area, intelligent manufacturing Jinshan Pavilion, Taybotech participated as a high-quality enterprise representative of Jinshan Industrial Zone. In this exhibition, Taybotech brought a series of vehicle air conditioning systems and overall solutions such as new energy vehicle heat pump air conditioning system, truck parking air conditioning, construction machinery air conditioner, etc.


Visitors who come to the exhibition actively understand the products of Taybotech and have a pleasant conversation with our business representatives.image.pngimage.png

The annual industry fair is not only a feast of technology, but also a stage for China's industrial development. At the industry fair, we can see a large number of new products, new technology exhibitions or launches. This year, more than 100 forefront technologies and products have been launched in the fair, highlighting the status of the fair as a vane of global manufacturing technology innovation.image.pngimage.png

After more than 20 years of development, the Industrial Expo has become an important platform for helping China's industrial innovationand development.It has  become an influential international exhibition brand for cooperation, boost global industrial technology, product exchanges and transactions.

Taybotech will take the opportunity of participating in the Expo, continue to increase investment and always focus on strengthening research and development of forefront products, further improve product quality and innovation ability, and face challenges in the future confidently

At last, we sincerely invite you to visit the Expo and have a "romantic date" with Taybotech in this golden autumn.

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