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On July 3rd 2019, the 13th International Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Expo and the 19th China International Transportation and logistics Expo were held in Shanghai New International Expo Center and Hangzhou International Expo Center respectively.

Taybotech (Shanghai) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. ( Simply as Taybotech, stock code: 872418), as an enterprise committed to becoming a professional supplier of global environmental protection vehicle air conditioning.We have appeared in two major exhibitions. Taybotech parking air conditioning and Taybotech new energy heat pump air conditioning were grandly displayed in the exhibition.

With the help of the two major exhibitions, Taybotech demonstrated the latest and most forefront products and technologies, so that the audience can get a close understanding of Taybotech's all-round automotive air conditioning system solutions, and have a more direct and concrete experience to help Taybotech become a global environmental vehicle air conditioning system supplier.

Taybotech sincerely invite you to visit the exhibition!

The 13th EV-China international energy saving and new energy vehicle Expo

Time: 3rd July to 5TH July

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Taybotech booth: E4-B028

【Highlights of the exhibition】

Auto show is not new for many people. Today, little platinum can't help exploring the truth and showing you the latest and forefront new energy science and technology. If you are a new energy technology enthusiast, you can't miss the wonderful exhibition.image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.png

【Taybotech Showing】

In this exhibition, Taybotech displayed the new energy heat pump air conditioner. In response to the market demand,from 2012,Taybotech started research and development. through benchmarking and calibration with related products of new energy vehicle air conditioning, it continued to invest a lot in research and development and production lines. In 2018, Taybotech successfully independently developed new energy vehicle heat pump air conditioning system, and now it has mass production capacity.image.png

The new energy vehicle heat pump air conditioning system of tibp technology has been tested in low temperature and environment for many times to ensure good reliability and stability. Under specific working conditions, compared with the PTC heating and energy saving rate of the original vehicle, the heat pump air conditioning system has significant energy saving rate. Compared with the PTC heating technology of the original vehicle, the energy saving rate of the PTC heating technology is more obvious, and the average temperature of the front foot is controlled at 22 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, which is no different from the foreign new energy vehicles of heat pump, and meets the market demand for high-efficiency energy-saving heat pump system.

The 19th China International Transport and logistics Expo

Time: 3rd July to 5TH July

Address: Hangzhou Internatioal Expo Center

Taybotech Booth: 1C-C101

【Highlights of the exhibition】

In this exhibition, 1000 opinion leaders, industry elites, 300 logistics exhibitors and 20000 professional visitors from all over the world will gather to participate in the annual event of logistics industry sponsored by China Transportation Association and jointly sponsored by Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People's government.

Little platinum takes you to appreciate in advance.image.png

Taybotech showing】

Since its appearance, Taybotech parking air conditioner has been welcomed by the majority of truck drivers, and has also become the focus of attention in major exhibitions. In this exhibition, Taybotech parking air conditioner still meets the expectations.image.pngimage.png

PC3000 parking air conditioner is the original configuration provided by Taybotech for XCMG heavy truck, with 2800W super cooling capacity, quality assurance and brand trust. The utility model has the advantages of good refrigeration effect, power saving, money saving, mute, long service life, etc.

Welcome to visitimage.png

At the same time, at the evening exchange party of” Golden flying horse logistics era” held by Hangzhou logistics exhibition, Taybotech was selected as "the logistics technology and equipment customer satisfied supplier of 2019 ".image.pngimage.png

【Extended Reading】

The 13th EVCHINA International Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Expo

EV China energy saving and new energy automobile exhibition (China International Energy Saving and new energy automobile industry expo) is a professional theme exhibition focusing on the field of energy saving and new energy automobile. Since its establishment in 2008, ev China Auto Expo has been committed to becoming the top exhibition platform for technology exchange, cooperation and trade in the global new energy automobile industry, and always insists on finding high-quality buyers and customers Find and choose suppliers for users. After 12 years of growth and experience, it has become one of the most influential top events in China and even Asia.

The 19th China International Transport and Logistics Expo

The 19th China International Transport and logistics Expo, with the theme of "science and technology change logistics", not only displays the fruitful achievements of science leading and technology innovation in China's logistics industry, but also its important core conference, 2019 world science and Technology Logistics Conference, will be composed of the opening ceremony, general assembly, smart Supply Chain Summit and smart Logistics Application Innovation Summit, focusing on the upgrading and transmission of smart logistics technology Unified logistics services, as well as the supply chain innovation of the Internet new economy, build a platform for communication, exchange, consultation and cooperation.

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